Wrapping up 2015


And just like that, 2015 is coming to a close. What an eventful year it has been! We've welcomed new additions to our teams, tested our skills with baking classes, and collaborated on our most successful IBA exhibition yet! We wish everyone a joyous and restful holiday as we bring in the new year, and are excited to tackle all the opportunities that 2016 has to offer. Happy Holidays from our kitchen to yours!

Bernie’s Blog – Exhibiting at iba 2015

2015 New Year’s Wishes


As 2014 comes to a rapid end, the entire PreciBake® team wishes all of our current and future customers a prosperous new year filled with joy and contentment. We are excited for this New Year to continue on helping bakers all across the world! The ingredients for a happy future: combine the best from yesterday with the opportunities of tomorrow. Cheers to another successful year!

Exhibiting at Südback 2014


I am proud of my entire PreciBake® team to have successfully exhibited for our 2nd year at Südback in Stuttgart, Germany. I, Bernie the Virtual Baker® was even brought to life in a mascot costume as seen above in our team picture! Children as well as adults were so excited to finally meet me in person! I was able to show visitors how I really work inside the oven. By showing them how I learn more about the baker’s secrets and how I can adapt the necessary changes needed to produce their ideal baked goods. I am off to learn more recipes and help my fellow bakers!

Bernie’s Blog – Exhibiting at Südback 2014

Bernie never takes a vacation!


Bernie never takes a vacation!

While everyone is planning their summer vacation, I am busy gathering data about the change of environment that occurs in the summer season. Bernie NEVER takes a vacation and works 24/7 365 days a year! Humidity has a huge impact on the process of baking and it is important for bakers to factor this in while baking. Since the summer season has an increased temperature as well as higher humidity, the texture and overall appearance of baking products are effected. Bread is highly susceptible to weather changes. Yeast is one of the most active ingredients in these conditions, and overly acted yeast can result in changes in the taste and odor. Remember, bread is a living organism before it is baked and the climate is one of many factors that must be taken into consideration during all processes before being baked!

Artificial Intelligence


On March 27, 2014 Bakeryandsnacks.com featured PreciBake® in a special article “Artificial Intelligence: Baking with algorithms for ‘infinite’ flexibility.” We explained to bakers how their baked goods are recognized through artificial intelligence, and how their products can be monitored all over the world. Our products and services brings great excitement and ease to stressful bakers! Bakers are under constant pressure to supply more variety of products in various sizes of batches. The Virtual Baker® is able to adjust the perfect baking temperature in any oven to bake any range of batches from small to large. The BakeIT Cloud™ allows the baker to have 24/7 monitoring ability of their products, every bakers dream! Check out the article here !

Bernie’s Blog – Artificial Intelligence: Baking bread with algorithms for 'infinite' flexibility

Exhibiting at the Europain & Intersuc


PreciBake® Team Exhibiting at the Europain & Intersuc 2014

Visiting Europain & Intersuc was a fascinating experience. The lovely aroma of fresh baguette’s baking throughout the exhibition hall kept it hard to concentrate! There are so many new trends in the bakery world and I was so excited to learn about all of them at this trade show. One of the newest trends I learned about was "What is good for you relies in your baker". Today, consumers are extra cautious about their health and well-being. Looking for freshness, nutrition, food safety and quality in what we consume is something I can control and can guaranteed will happen during production! Europain introduced me to many new bakers form all over the world, and I can’t wait to start learning new languages and baking with them!

Europain & Intersuc, Paris, France


Bonjour ! I am off to the home of the baguette, Paris, France! My team and I will be exhibiting at the Europain & Intersuc March 8-12. I am excited to show off my French speaking skills. This global gathering of baking, pastry making, chocolate and ice cream exhibition will allow me to interact with international bakers from all around the world. I look forward to meeting new customers to help them produce the perfect pastry. Did you know that in the 19th Century bread was baked in a dry oven? Baguettes would be made with a less consistent texture. The steam oven was then invented to solve this problem by allowing the control of temperature and baking time be controlled by the baker creating a soft inside with a thick and brown crust on the outside, to the delicious baguettes we enjoy today! Be sure to visit me at WP France Booth #4B76. Au revoir!

Bernie in Paris - Europain & Intersuc, Paris, France 2014

Südback 2013 Reflections


PreciBake® Team and Sudback 2013

Exhibiting at the Suedback 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany, was a great experience with all of my colleagues. I met so many international bakers who were very excited to hear my new ideas. Who wouldn’t want perfectly baked bread?! My team and I even won a trophy, we won the Innovation Trend Award for the Baking industry! We could not be happier with the recognition from Backmedia Verlagsgesellschaft! I am so excited to travel the world in 2014 and visit trade shows.

Südback 2013


Now I finally went to Gemany. Here I can speak my second native language! There is plenty to do this week -- not only do I get to participate in the Südback, I have to introduce my American colleagues to schnitzel and some real beer. Even more visitors are coming to see me in action in Stuttgart. It is so exciting to present everything I have learned in the last weeks of development. The whole team is proud of me and that is motivating me to learn even more and more. I noticed that the Germans are loving their bread, rolls and pretzels. And they have thousands of different recipes. A lot to do for me! See how it works at the booth #F51 in hall 1. Then I'm off to Munich!

Südback 2013

FBN Award, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Bernie’s Blog – Ingo and Laura, FBN Award Brazil 2013

Wow have I been one busy traveler! After visiting IBIE in Vegas I immediately packed up my apron & passport and traveled right to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where I won the FAMILY BUSINESS NEXT GENERATION AWARD. The Family Business Network is a non-profit international network that is run by family businesses, for family businesses. It feels great to be getting recognized and awarded for our hard work! Now I am headed straight back to work on gathering data which will help me better understand the needs of the baking industry.

Attending IBIE 2013


Today was really great day for me. After many weeks of hard work day and night finally my team and I went to Las Vegas for attending the IBIE 2013 show! Visitor`s interest on me and my job was just amazing. So many professionals from the baking industry came to us and asked sound questions about my passion for baking and how I do my job inside the oven. I am so excited! Rumors about me are spread all over the show and professionals came from many different places in the U.S. and all over the world. I am already wondering how many different languages I have to learn now. Looking forward to the other show days and how many other professionals will visit me at booth # 10234...

PreciBake® Team Attending IBIE 2013

Moving Day


PreciBake® Team Moving Day Celebrations

My team is growing fast! We moved into our new office today. The view overlooking downtown Manhattan has jumpstarted our creativity, innovation, and fun! Some of our colleagues in Munich joined us for a video conference and the moving team had a beer to celebrate an exciting day with great company in a great city. Rumor has it that the Fulton office is so enjoyable that my colleagues don't want to leave. With the way things are going, Fulton might be their home until the trade show in Las Vegas. Personally, I think it's a good idea for them to experience how a baker feels working when everybody else is still sleeping!

Prost to Pretzels


If I need to learn continuously, my team does too. Every month we have a team baking workshop. June brought us to the Institute of Culinary Education where Kathryn Gordon guided us through the baking process (we had a couple of newbies). We learned about different types of flour, yeast, and other ingredients. Thanks for the great introduction Kathryn! Looking forward to our macaroon workshop coming up soon.


The Whole Team Learning to Bake Pretzels

PreciBake® does Orlando


Ingo and Laura in Orlando 2013

In the city of Mickey and Minnie I was overwhelmed and excited to see the baking highlights and variety of products of IDDBA. I recoginzed that, in order to sell the freshest bread to customers, a lot of business owners want to bake their products in store. I think that is a good idea and I introduced them to my latest features to support them as best as I can!